About us


Green House Secret Farmers is nested within an 8-minute walking distance from the Central Station in The Hague.
We made sure our interior gets a modern look and a charming vibe! It is a cozy place that will win your heart over with a pleasant smoking room, wide TV
creens, 4-person game tables, and free use of the Volcano Hybrid Vape, making it a perfect spot for long hours of relaxing and chilling with a friend! And now, with its renovated interior, Green House Secret Farmers is more attractive than ever! A single visit makes it evident that there has been love, care, and attention to detail put into this shop!
Green House Secret Farmers is a place that meets high standards in more than one aspect. Apart from the shop itself, our real pride lies in the top quality products we offer.

Our extensive menu includes the most exclusive first prize, several contests cup-winning products. And what makes us even more unique is the fact that we also make sure each product is placed in packaging which design is carefully thought through. Green House Secret Farmers have a custom logo for every strain we offer, which only shows the incredible attention to detail we put in creating the most fantastic experience for our customers.
But, we also place a high value on decent service, making sure we hire highly educated staff only. The budtenders are not just profoundly knowledgeable, but they also are here to provide help, in-depth information, and excellent recommendations to customers, both experienced and beginners.
Green House Secret Farmers is a proud winner at Jack Herer Cup 2019 for the Best International Product. This coffeeshop will undoubtedly amaze you with its abundant weed and joint menu. What is even more amazing is the fact that Green House Secret Farmers tests every single one of the products using the iraculous GemmaCert machine to ensure efficiency and transparency for our customers.
Green House Secret Farmers cares for the quality of its products and makes sure you get the best of it!