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De wondere wereld van terpenen

The wonderful world of terpenes. (part 1)

Terpenes – If you’re a regular cannabis user, chances are you’ve heard of them by now, and most of…

CannabyticsJul 18, 2023
Het endocannabiniod systeem en het entourage effect

The Endocannabinoid System and the Entourage Effect

Last month we looked at reading and understanding a Certificate of Analysis (COA). When we look at a COA,…

CannabyticsApr 14, 2023
The wonderful world of terpenes. (part 2)

The wonderful world of terpenes. (part 2)

Last month we covered the basics of cannabisterpenes. This month I promised you a more detailed blog on the…

CannabyticsAug 6, 2023
etikettering  cannabisproducten

Importance of labeling cannabis products on the European…

If you have recently purchased from one of the more well-known coffee shops in The Hague, you may have…

CannabyticsMay 26, 2023